How To Start Freelancing in India – 2022 [Complete Guide]


I worked as a freelancer last Nov 2017 in India at truelancer. I will detail guide start Freelancing in India.  After the end of the COVID session as you know mostly all IT workers ‘work as work from home’ also in the meantime mostly developers and designers choose freelancing because it provides you full freedom of work. India is the second-fastest-growing freelancing market in the world with a 46% per year increment after COVID So I also provide a guide for freelancers when you can choose freelancing as a profession and make more than $5K-$10K per month.
Here I mentioned secret details  How to Start Freelancing in India.

How to start freelancing in india

Most Freelancers work as SEO, Web developer, Mobile App developer, and Graphics designer in Freelancing platforms. If you have skills in these fields, you can start freelancing in India with passive earning. If you have some other niche you can go with this but most clients wish to hire these types of freelancers so you must know these skills or anyone.

Select working time

Full-time freelancers: They are the ones who make all of their income from freelance and do not have any other full-time jobs. If you have passion and dedication for this field you can choose this type. It’s the most awarded field than others.

Part-time Freelancer:  These are the people who have a full-time job at an IT company and also do freelancing. Most Website/WordPress Developers start out this way.

Select Freelancing Platform

At this time many Freelancer Platforms are available but I suggest you Best and low competition freelancing platforms. I mention Few platforms with working so according to you and with my suggestion you can decide on one great platform for start freelancing in India.

  1. Upwork: Upwork broad community of freelancers. It’s a US-based freelancer company with 18 million freelancers. No other freelancing platform is bigger than Upwork but it has much competition so I do not suggest this platform for beginners because mostly many talented and company-based freelancers use this platform. Thousands of projects are posted on Upwork’s work marketplace each day with $50-$75k per month revenue from freelancers easily.
  2. Fiverr: Fiverr is an Israeli-based online marketplace for freelance services. The company provides a platform for freelancers to offer services to customers worldwide. On Fiverr, you can hire a freelancer as well as you can work as a freelancer. You only need a few minutes to set up your Fiverr account then you can start posting your gigs.
    For example, you can post a gig(Service) that says ‘I will create a logo for you for $5’ or something like “I can Make intro a video for you for $10”.

    Fiverr is completely free and without force, for a premium subscription, you can post unlimited gigs. you can also create packages. because this is mostly online you can work from whatever place you think is convenient for you. Freelancing has become a well-known career choice now.

  3. FreelancerFreelancer is the largest freelance marketplace and its work as project-based and hourly based does not provide service offers like Fiverr. Here more than 50 Million freelancers work with this platform. It provides great milestone functionality in each project. Here using milestone functionality you can divide one project cost into 2-3 parts e.g Project Budget: $250 and your milestone is $100 advance payment will be released and left $150 after completion of the project.

  4. TruelancerIt’s India based freelancing platform and more than 1 million freelancers work with this. If you are a beginner and have no advanced skills, you can go with this because it provides very low competition for new freelancers. It also supports milestone functionality of more than 200$ projects. It also provides a good communication approach with clients so there are more chances to get projects if you start a freelancing journey in India.

“In my opinion, choose Truelancer if you are an India-based freelancer and start freelancing in India. It provides you with great support and very low competition from the other websites. For free its provide you free 20 bids per month but if you want professional so choose premium because the premium plan provides you 24*7 support with 100 bids per month.”

tailesh kumar

How to Create an Eye -caching Proposal That Wins Jobs

Every client wants to know why they should pick you for their project over any other freelancer that applies. A single project can attract 5 to 50+ proposals from freelancers. If you want to stand out among the crowd, write a good proposal to win the job.

How to write a proper proposal to win the job

Well, in thousands of freelancers you have to play some tricks to get a job and keep applying for jobs. It helps truly. Quality plays a vital role in the proposal. And with great quality and problem-solving approach increase chance to win the job
I mention some points before writing a proposal

  • Read the full project description and what’s client demands
  • A clear statement that tells clients that how can you solve their problem and that you can start right away
  • A brief pitch, ideally a couple of sentences, informing the possible customer precisely why you’re an outstanding fit for the job
  •  A brief yet thorough description of the approaches as well as processes you’ll make use of to come close to the task as well as offer excellent service.
  •  Attachments such as relevant documents, data of example jobs, or links to your portfolio demonstrate your previous projects associated with the customer’s needs.

How long should your proposal be?

Your proposition does not need to be extensive as long as it confirms you understand the problem and also shows that you can resolve it. Constantly go for quick, clean, and succinct writing. Normally, every little thing you need can be expressed in 3 short paragraphs.
Clients don’t have the time to review prolonged propositions with information that are unassociated to their challenges. Lengthy propositions may not convince anyone, as practically no person will put in the time to read them.

Freelancer proposal examples with comparison

proposal example #1:


I would love to be your freelance writer and help you execute your website content strategy.

I have 5 years of experience writing content for websites, including,, and more. Below, I’ve linked two samples that showcase my writing ability in a similar niche to your brand. As you can see, I understand your audience and know how to write compelling articles to get your website visitors to purchase your products.
I can complete 1,000-word articles with a 2-day turnaround time. Would that work for your needs? Let me know if my writing meets your expectations, and we can set up a time to talk about your project in more detail.
Example Website Content #1 (link)
Example Website Content #2 (link)

John Doe

proposal example #2:


I hope you’re doing great!
I’m John and I’m interested in working in the digital marketing field. I have been working on digital and social media markers for the last +5 years. I can easily do it for you.

  • Facebook advertising
  • Google AdWords
  • Instagram Ads
  • SMM
  • SEO on /off both
  • Email marketing

and much more.


proposal example #3:

Hi [name of the client],
I’m [your name], and I’d love to [what is the job – concisely show the client you understand what’s the job and that you read their job description. Clients HATE general templates]. I’m a great fit because [explain why you are a great fit]. [(optional: I also attached an example of [what is the example (it could be a previous job you did, a project from college or a small portion you completed from the project the client posted)] which I find similar to your project.

I’m ready to start working on your project [when] and can complete it by [when. make sure it’s before the deadline the client posted].

Looking forward to hearing from you.

[your name].

Mistakes to avoid when creating a proposal

Creating a winning proposal is always helpful to get the project done, so you need to make first priority creating eye-catching proposals and With that said, there are a few things to avoid when submitting proposals for jobs.

Don’t use a generic proposal

Many freelancers, especially beginners, copied and pasted proposal templates to save time. While this method may save a few minutes of writing, you may start skipping the job description and requirements by applying robotically. This is not a good method because every client and project is unique.

Clients themselves can easily spot a pre-made proposal and the result client simply ignores your proposal or rejects it. Using a Pre-template can decrease your chances of winning jobs so you must first understand client requirements and write a good proposal on how to solve or how to do this by yourself.

Garbage Stuff in Proposal and FAQ start Freelancing in India

Writing unnecessary details that aren’t useful to the job runs the risk of your client ignoring or rejecting a proposal. Clients don’t have much time to read your unnecessary comments. Write personalized, concise, and impactful proposals to show clients that you’re someone who values their time.

#What Expenses Do I Need To Factor In While Charging For A Project?

First up, fix a minimum rate that you charge for all your projects. This is the rate that you will never compromise on no matter what the project is. Low cost provides more chances win the job.

Eg. Someone posted a project like as “ I need wordpress website for Hotel Booking” and client budget 300$ so let now in this project get 30 proposal if you proposal less than 300$ like $250 so more chance to win this project then other.

#How Do I Avoid Scams And Fake Jobs?

To avoid this type of scam and if not want waste bids so carefully read project description because mostly this type use generic project language with no clear about project.

Eg. Tittle:  I need a WordPress expert
Description: I need a WordPress expert for my website.

This type of person mostly uses the ‘blog’ keyword own project so simply need to avoid these types of projects.

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Key Points-How to be a Freelancer & Be Your Own Boss

In this era, freelancing is a very well-known process of making money online. People often search on the internet how to be a freelancer and build up a business. If you are serious about your freelancing career you have to maintain some points

  1. Understand own skills and open account any good freelancer platform
  2. Recognize clients who have an interest in your service or Bid project who have according to your skills.
  3. Build up a good quality portfolio website, create some example work, and showcase them
  4. Be focused on the first reading proposal.
  5. Send eye-catching proposal
  6. Use Low project cost method
  7. Being a freelancer, time management is a very important tool for getting success. You have to prioritize your work, make a checklist of them, then build up a regular working schedule.
  8. Make a healthy relationship with clients, choose your first client very carefully
  9. You should have an idea of how to pitch yourself.
  10.  Regularly improve your skill and learn more.

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